Wednesday, 29 February 2012

#3 I'm Shopping for... A Range Hood

We're presenting a design to our clients for a kitchen redo in a couple of weeks & I'm really excited about it.  This kitchen needs to work with the other spaces we've already designed in the home so it will be sort of a relaxed natural-feeling space with a little graphic edge   It will have lots of textural elements that you just want to touch and a big mix of materials & finishes for a casual practical & warm vibe. I'm now getting down into the details of the kitchen design and an important one that truly affects the mood of the whole kitchen is the range hood. 

{Kitchen by Darryl Carter = looooove!}

When perusing through images of kitchens whose range hoods appeal to me, I noticed that many of them had range hoods that stood alone vs. ones that were flanked on both sides by cabinetry, which is what we'll need for the kitchen we're redesigning.  While I think stand alone range hoods are A-mazing (on my personal wishlist one day) they don't always fit into existing kitchens because of space & storage needs, so I've been on the hunt for a pretty yet practical solution for our range hood that will need to be flanked by cabinetry.

One of the things seen a lot in "real life" kitchens is the microwave with exahust fan below it over the range:

{image source here}

While this is completely functional & works for a lot of people (I've had it myself in the past & I think almost everyone in my family has it too) it doesn't create that gorgeous focal point we need for the kitchen & the vibe is totally different.  It doesn't have as much of that "working kitchen" feeling we're after. (And the small cabinet above the range hood isn't really adding a ton of storage space.)

Another thing seen a lot in typical kitchens is the mini vent hood above the range topped with small upper cabinets:

{image via pinterest}

Again, I think it's really functional, (and looks great here in the adorable kitchen above) but it still doesn't have the same impact as a full fange hood.

...Although I have to say that in the high-ceilinged kitchen below with the larger cabinets above the hood, it's making a pretty big statement but I think it's more due to the massive wall of cabinets & the impact they're making.

{image via houzz/ pinterest...  couldn't find original source}

...But anyway, in the kitchen we're working on, I'm really looking to do a full hood that will be flanked by upper cabinets.  I've been collecting inspiration images & thought I'd share.  The first group up is of angled metal hoods.   For this kitchen, because we want to mix a variety of finishes, I like the idea of doing a metal hood.

Below is a picture of a shorter hood mounted up at the ceiling.  This kitchen actually looks like it might be shorter than 8 feet to me...

{Image from}

Here's a photo of a hood mounted at the ceiling again, but this one is longer.  I think for our clients' kitchen that the longer look will work better as I want the hood to make more of a statement.


 This curved copper hood flanked by glass cabinets is gorgeous: 

{Southern Living}

I also really love the curved sides of this hood (below) but our clients' kitchen isn't quite big enough to handle this:

{image via pinterest}

The next group of metal hoods swoop down in an arc & I think would work beautifully even in smaller kitchens.  Here's another copper one:


I love the look of this kitchen.  The hood is perfection to me.
{sooooo gorgeous by Jim Howard featured in House Beautiful}

Here's a shorter version...  SO beautiful, but again, I think we need a bit more length in ours:

{image via}

This hood (below) has a little stainless stell shelf below it which is so pretty, especially with the lights on:

{image via}

This hood blends right in with the wall & I think it could work for a seamless look between cabinets:

{ }

This angled wooden hood is really interesting:


 Again, I love these massive  hoods (below).  They look particularly good when inset into the wall like this.  I love how they carried the hood over the countertops too instead of just the range.  Interesting trick to get some drama without the height.

{Hosue Beautiful}

Here's another inset beauty, except this time in wood:

{Better Homes & Gardens}

 The next few hoods are painted wood to match the surround cabinetry.  It's a classic look:

{image via}

Looooove this curve:

{Kitchen by James Michael Howard}

...And don't pot fillers just make a kitchen look so perfectly practical?  "I want that!"

{image via}

I love all of these wooden hoods, but like I mentioned, for our clients' kitchen, I think we need a separate material for the hood.

{image via}

The standard chimney hoods would work perfectly.  I think they look amazing between cabinets: 

{image via The Decorista}

This one (below) is narrow and I love how this style calls attention to the tile backsplash:

{Better Homes & Gardens}

Here's another one and I think they work beautifully for smaller kitchens:

{House and Home....  mm mm mm!}

..And one last one in black, which would work perfectly for us.

{Elle Decor...  We are including very similar wood tones in our clients' design & I looooove this!!}

Anyway, I think adding the right hood can really make a kitchen and take it to the next level so I want to be sure to get just the right one.  What do you think?  What's style of hood would you pick for your dream kitchen? 
xoxo, Lauren

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New Set Of Wheels

I would love to have the office one step closer to "finished" and I believe the next step is figuring out the chair situation.  The reupholstered cushions came in but I want to have them sprayed and use them as the desk chairs.  The problem is they are not tall enough for the desks and I really love a desk chair on wheels.  
 I thought adding casters would be easy but the base of the legs does not allow anything to be screwed in from the bottom and the tapered legs add another difficult element.
One solution is casters made for antique chairs with cups that cater to the tapered legs but so far all that I have found have been at least $13/caster like these.
However, I am unsure of these are made for heavy use and when you multiply them by 4 legs on multiple chairs- chairs that I love but not worth spending too much on- it becomes more than I want to put into these particular chairs.  So, if you know of any options I am not thinking of for these legs please let me know.  I would love to be able to use the chairs if possible.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Segreto Part II

Yesterday I posted about a book I love Segreto, Secrets To Finishing Beautiful Interiors.  However, the book is so full of beautiful spaces I had to share some more (although there is a lot more to be seen in the book).
To purchase “Segreto: Secrets to Finishing Beautiful Interiors” from the website click here or to purchase through Amazon click here.

Monday, 27 February 2012

Gorgeous Finishes, Segreto, Part 1

One of the most important parts of the design process is planning the details.  What can you do to take a space one step farther?  When I received the book, Segreto, Secrets To Finishing Beautiful Interiors, I knew I was in for a treat.  The author, Leslie Sinclair, and her team paint, plaster, stencil, faux finish and more the most amazing spaces.  The book is packed with gorgeous and awe inspiring rooms.  Here are just some.....
Remember this kitchen? One of my all time favorites.....
I highly recommend this book.  The interiors are timeless, elegant, classic and awe inspiring.  Beautiful photography and pages of talented designers make it a wonderful read.  

To purchase “Segreto: Secrets to Finishing Beautiful Interiors” from the website click here or to purchase through Amazon click here.

Love this Milk Bottle

You know those little things you find that are really no big deal but just make you so happy? They get you just a teensy bit more excited to do some sort of mundane thing?

Well, I found this adorable little milk bottle at Target the other week.    I've been filling it up at night so it's all ready to go for breakfast & because of this little bottle, I get to sit down so much quicker in the mornings & the table looks prettier.  Instead of standing at the bar fixing cereal for the kids with the gallon, I can just plop the bowls on the table with the cereal and SIT without having to go back to the fridge for more milk for seconds.  (That may not sound like such a big deal , but I'm pregnant and it is to me in the morning ;)   

It holds enough for a few bowls of cereal and a couple of little glasses of milk which is just right for us.  I've been using it for other meals too.  (Normally we have dinner all ready & we sit down & have forgotten our drinks & one of us is back up getting drinks.  Pretty much always.  Well, with the magic milk bottle (it's getting higher up in importantance to me as I write this post) we can just set out the glasses when the table's being set and plop the milk bottle on the table.  (It stays cold for a while too!)    I love this thing!!

I might have to go get more of these.  I'm not sure how many I'd need to empty a gallon... 

ps- I can't believe I just wrote an an entire post about a milk bottle, but I guess that's what blogs are for, right?

xoxo, Lauren

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Friday, 24 February 2012

Thank You

I wanted to say a big thank you to Apartment Therapy for featuring MSI's recent pink and gray nursery and Baby Lifestyles for featuring Henry's nursery.  Speaking of the little man, several of you have requested updated pictures.  I will try to get one this weekend to share but for now these are the most recent I have.  Have a wonderful weekend!