Monday, 31 December 2012

Goodbye 2012

This year I am taking 2 weeks off for the holidays and it has been so nice.  
2012 was a great year, full of growth and exciting opportunities; but it was hard work and on many levels exhausting.  It has been nice to recharge and I really look forward to what 2013 will bring.  Happy New Year to each and every one of you.  I hope 2012 was great for you and I hope 2013 will be even better.



Wednesday, 26 December 2012

I'm back...

I've been having trouble coming back to blogging after the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School...   I'll be honest that every time I try to write something, I can't because the things I write about here are mostly frivolous & pretty inconsequential, and it seems ridiculous to be writing about those things like everything's okay when it isn't.

I know so many of us feel this way and that the pain won't ever fully go away for most of us...  And that's okay because it means we love and we care.

There are times when I look at my profession- decorating houses- and feel like what I'm doing is crazy when there are so many more important, life-changing things that need to be done.  There's been a stirring in me for a while now to use it to help others more.  I don't think there's any greater pain than losing someone you love and I know I want to somehow try to ease this pain for others.  Dave & I have been doing a lot of talking about it over the past few months & have some ideas cooking...

I've also heard that the students at Sandy Hook will be returning to school in a new building after the new year & that they are trying to turn the new school into a "winter wonderland" by filling it with thousands of paper snowflakes.  You &/or your kids can make snowflakes & send them to the PTA for them to hang.  Here's the write-up I read: "When school resumes for Sandy Hook, it will be in a new building. Parent-volunteers are working to ensure that the students are welcomed back by a winter wonderland with the entire school decorated with as many unique snowflakes as possible. We encourage senders to be as creative as possible, remembering that no two snowflakes are alike. Please make and send snowflakes by January 12, 2013." 

{image via here}

Please send all snowflakes and donations to:  
Connecticut PTSA 
60 Connolly Parkway 
Building 12, Suite 103 
Hamden, CT 06514

It's a simple project that can hopefully make some of the kids feel a little less frightened when they go back to school...

So...  I probably won't be talking about it much & I'll continue to write about the frivolous little things in life, but it will always be with me...  I won't ever stop praying for & thinking about all of the families in pain and I'll always worry a little more about my own babies.

{Our Christmas Eve snowfall}

I hope you had a happy holiday & this year, Christmas was really special for our family...  I'll be back after the New Year & am taking the time with my family & trying to savor every minute of it- and also to keep my eye from twitching when I look around at the mess that is my house.   ;) 

{My littlest one- Luke or "Louie" as we call him-sorry kid!!;)-  all tuckered out from the Christmas excitement}

Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to read my blog {and for not emailing me about the constant typos that I know are present ;)  and for coming along for the ride.   I truly value your time & your encouragement.  My very best to you & yours.

Monday, 24 December 2012

Merry Christmas

 From our family to yours, we hope you have a very Merry Christmas!
An angel of the Lord appeared to them, and the glory of the Lord shone around them, and they were terrified.  But the angel said to them, "Do not be afraid. I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people.  Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is Christ the Lord.  This will be a sign to you: You will find a baby wrapped in cloths and lying in a manger."  Suddenly a great company of the heavenly host appeared with the angel, praising God and saying,  "Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to men on whom his favor rests." Luke 2 9:14

First two photos, Emily Joy Designs.  Last picture- Henry and Santa hitting it off.

Friday, 21 December 2012

Almost Time...

 Last weekend before Christmas, I hope you have a wonderful one!
Images Traditional Home, Here and Here

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Final Sale...For Now...Rustic Mirror

 After today the sale will stop for a while...but there are always more goodies waiting for a home in our office so you never know when something will pop up.  Today, sadly, we are selling a raw wood, distressed mirror with very pale green accents (although the green could be sanded off if desired).
Dimensions: 35"H x 23"W x 2"D
Sale price: $119 plus freight if outside Birmingham, AL
e-mail me @ if interested

Monday, 17 December 2012


I don't really have words for Friday.  I don't think many do.   
We've been holding our babies especially close and my heart truly breaks for the parents who can't. 
 I feel immense pride in the heroic teachers & administrators who died to protect the children, and it hurts so badly that these all of these beautiful lives are gone.     
Please take care of you & yours.


image via here.

The Sale Continues- Ceramic Garden Stool

A great accessory, especially as a side table next to a chair.  18"H x 13"Dia.  $99 plus freight from Birmingham, AL.

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Quiet Time

There are no words for the sorrow and devastation I, we all, feel for the families of Sandy Hook Elementary.  Our prayers and thoughts are with you.

Blessed are the poor in spirit,
for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Blessed are they who mourn,
for they shall be comforted.

Blessed are the meek,
for they shall possess the earth.

Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for justice,
for they shall be satisfied.

Blessed are the merciful,
for they shall obtain mercy.

Blessed are the pure of heart,
for they shall see God.

Blessed are the peacemakers,
for they shall be called sons of God.

Blessed are they who suffer persecution for justice sake,
for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
-Matthew 5: 3-12

Friday, 14 December 2012

Follow Up

I want to say a HUGE thank you for all the help yesterday regarding the lamps!  Y'all are good.  It seems that what I have focused in on is antique pottery lamps (of course because they are $$$).  The gorgeous and talented Greet of Belgian Pearls (such a beautiful blog) sent me some sources in Belgium.  This only furthered my suspicions that really I was meant to live there.  One of the stores Greet recommended is AM Projects and look what I found...perfection.
I have requested information from them but I would really like to find them stateside. So we shall see...

Pretty Little Friday

Happy Friday!!  I wanted to pop in really quickly to say good luck with the holiday rush.  I try to periodically remind myself to appreciate the little things & so much of that for me (and I'm sure many of you ;) is about seeing the beauty in the every day...

Being able to sit down & share a meal with friends or family, having a moment to yourself, and yes, even appreciating the pretty produce at the grocery store...

{Would love to do a fabric based on these leafy clementines}
I am (as always) terribly behind in my holiday shopping (meaning I haven't done any;) but I've also learned that this is a time to be enjoyed & even savored.  This time wants to fly away.  The anticipation in our house full of boys is really cool and it brings back those Christmas-kid feelings I used to have.  Lately, life (although crazy-sort-of-losing-it-busy) has been exciting & special...  Full of lightning-quick days interspersed with moments where I notice something & really take it in...  and feel thankful for it.  I've been reminding myself to slow down and appreciate and I do think it's working.

Sending hugs & love your way and hoping you get some time to take the moments in.

If you'd like help creating a home you absolutely love, contact me about our design services.

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Sale Week Interrupted..Lamp Help Needed

Sale week will resume tomorrow but I need help.  I am looking for a lamp similar to the ones in these pictures.  I am coming up empty handed.  Does anyone have a good source?  Is there a particular name I should be searching?  Any buzz words to Google?  Help!

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Sale Week Day 3

For sale today I have a favorite in the design world: one Circa Thomas O'Brien Bryant Sconce in Polished Nickel with a Natural Paper Shade with silver trim.
Dimensions: 14 1/4"H, 5 1/2"W, 8 3/4" Extension

Retail: $189, One time only price: $129 (does not include freight)

e-mail me @ if interested

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Sale Week: Day 2

Next up on sale is a brand new Jane Wilner, King Ivory Coco Matelasse with pink stitching.  Once again, it was a size issue so it has only been out the packaging for these pictures.  Jane Wilner is known for the exceptional high end bedding in amazing fabrics and colors.
The pink embroidery forms a scalloped edge along with a clean 3 line top design.

Of course with pink a girl's bedroom comes to mind but it could be beautiful in a master or guest as well as just a touch of soft color...
The details:
Retails for $399, price for this one only: $250, 80% cotton/20% Poly, King with 19"Drop on sides -great for a king bed but couls also be used on a queen for those who like longer coverlets.  Prices does not include freight.  E-mail me @

Monday, 10 December 2012

Into Golds...

For a while now I've been noticing that gold tones have really been catching my eye.  I've always been into brass & the warmth that gold tones can bring to a home but I'm wanting it more & more in my own home in things likes fabrics & art...

{Loved the way Christian's hair matched some of the leaves this Fall}

I haven't been able to get this orangey-mustard beauty out of my mind since I saw it on my friend Seleta's blog, years ago for her Thanksgiving tablesettings:

I came across this gorgeous tree this Fall & it reminds me of the chandy:

I love the gold tones mixed with earthy & moody ones.
I first became conscious of how much I was loving golds when I did the boys' room at my dad's lake cottage this summer:
There's something about those mustard throws that I couldn't stop thinking about.  (Yes, I know, other people have more important things to think about...  but I occupy my brain with ponderings of color ;)  Just thinking about this room since we left it makes me happy & in the strangest way, redoing this bedroom made us start thinking of moving this past July.  It was just a tiny itch, but with us, an itch can lead to a serious rash & we were off to a new place!
I came across this beautiful ancient Egyptian Wall painting on and am crazy about it:
Around the same time I did the boys' bedroom this summer, I finished "buttercup" and naturally, it was yellows & earth tones:
I'm really not one for "trends" & knowing what's "of the moment" but I do think I have my own little love affairs with colors & objects & themes in design.  I start to notice them in life & in photos & just ccan't seem to get enough of them. Whether they're current or not, I never really care or am aware, but they're right on for me. 

If you'd like help creating a home you absolutely love, contact me about our design services.

Sale Week: Day 1

 After some arm twisting and a huge office cleaning my assistant has convinced me to have a week long sale of great items that we have in the office.  So, I am starting the week with this custom built, very high quality ottoman.  
Custom made for a the wrong dimensions. It is brand new, never used.
Made in a gorgeous brown linen, it also boasts large French Natural nail head detail and Queen Anne Ball & Claw legs and a tufted top.
Size: 40"L x 20"H x 25"W
Retail: $1250, One time only price: $899 OBO
Freight outside of Birmingham must be coordinated by buyer.  E-mail me @

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Our New Closet & My Closet Makeover Tips

Our closet was installed yesterday & I feel so much more organized!!!  Until yesterday, we kept some of our clothes down stairs, some in the garage and also split them up between the boys' bedrooms and the loft family room.  (We're really going to miss hopping around the house half-clothed looking for pants!! ;) ;)  Our closet is where the master bathroom used to be and is about ninfeet by five feet:

{Drawers & hanging space on the right side & shoes shelves on the left...  my super-sweet husband was very okay with me using the majority of the closet (the right side/ he's got the back) } 
We swapped the locations of the master bathroom and closet because we moved our master bedroom entry to a different spot.  (Originally you entered the master bedroom from the foyer and also from the back family room, which is now our office.  We've closed off the back family room to become our office & the entry to our bedroom is in the dining room- which sounds so odd but isn't that bad.  We didn't want our bedroom entry to be the first thing you saw when you walked in the house-for privacy issues- and so have closed off that doorway too. ;)   We also swapped the bathroom and closet locations because I was able to get a skylight in the bathroom in its new location for some natural light- which is so key in good bathroom lighting.  (I've been applying makeup TERRIBLY since I've moved here because there's no window in the current bathroom and I keep seeing bad blush lines & such on my face when I get into the car -or worse- spy a mirror at a client's house!!!  
The (elfa) closet was barely in before I started loading it up yesterday evening:

My favorite part are these little valet & jewely drawers:

Here's a pic of the closet now that most of our stuff is in it:
I've lost my other box of shoes in the move.  (Not that I have a ton like most girls do...  My problem lies more with lamps & chairs ;) ;)
We've always had matching wooden hangers, (ours are ikea) which makes a huge difference in how a closet looks & feels.  Since was no real "decorating" to be done in here, the hangers are pretty much it.  Putting our clothes in the closet with the wooden hangers & the bright lighting, made them feel a little nicer somehow... It made me like the things I've slowly started to loathe.  (Why do we do this?!!! )
We hang our pants to free up drawer space:
In addition to the drawers in the closet, we'll have a dresser in our bedroom.  We want the closet to be the area where we can go to grab outfits & real clothes, and the dresser in our bedroom will be where we keep our pjs, underclothes and -most importantly- our "work sweats." ;) ;)
Here's a cool feature we chose for Dave's ties:

It rolls in and out and I love seeing how much Dave likes his gadgets- the tie rack & a valet where he can hang outfits---  He will deny loving them but his face lit up when he saw them so I know the truth ;)
It was so fun to organize my costume jewelry which has finally been freed from its ziploc bags!!

I love how the little wood cover slides from side to side:

We still have more work to do in here (more searching for long-lost items & I need to get baskets for the shelves) but I'm feeling SOOOO close to normal!! 

You probably know all of this anyway, but I thought I'd share a few of my closet makeover tips:  (I've used these tips even when I've had a teensy closet.)

1) Ditch everything you haven't worn in a year.  (And continue to ditch monthly and/or whenever you bring in new clothes or shoes.)

2) Matching hangers.

3) Separate out: his & hers and then- dresses (long and short), pants, tops & jackets, etc.

4) Color code  your wardrobe...  I do the rainbow & then I have a bigger section for white, since I have & wear so much of it.

5) Good lighting...  It's really important that you can see everything you have.

6) ** So important for me- It's nice to have a spot/drawer/whatever for those things that are clean -because you tried them on or wore them for a second- that you don't have time to put back right away. It keeps them from ending up on the chair in your bedroom.

7) A fresh coat of paint on the walls

8) Matching containers for loose items likes belts or scarves or hats or bags... It feels so much better when you use 1 or 2 style of container throughout the closet because then your eye focus on the differences in the clothes and not on the mish-mash of containers.  If you can label them, even better.

9) A mirror close-by or in if possible. (Ours is just outsidde the door because it we don't have room)

10) An at-a-glance-philosphy...  Try to make everything you can (it's not always possible) be visible at a glance so things are easy to find & you can get ready quickly.

I have never had a closet like this before & I'm feeling very spoiled by it.  It's not a huge closet by any means, but it's more than I ever could have imagined.  (To be honest, with my Catholic guilt, I'm DEFINITELY feeling spoiled.)  We were able to get everything on sale during the Container Store's Fall sale & adding the few cool little gadgets in the closet really makes it feel special & I'm so glad we did.  We've always fought for space in our closets before & to have something that we planned out ourselves & that works so perfectly for us feels like such a luxury.  After yesterday, I decided that I think organization might be the biggest luxury for me.  (or one of them ;) ;)  What do you think?

If you'd like help creating a home you absolutely love, contact me about our design services.